Mr D.J. Harvey BSc. (Hons) Podiatry

HCPC Health Professions Council Registered

Member of the College of Podiatry

Member of the South-East region of the College of Podiatry

Member of the Hampshire Branch of College of Podiatry

Qualified in Podiatric Local Anaesthesia

Specialised in Mobilisation and Manipulation


Hello, I’m Dominic Harvey, a Podiatrist based in St Deny’s, Southampton, where I’ve been running a busy private foot clinic for 20 years.

I qualified with my degree in Podiatry from the University of Southampton in 1998 and have continued to develop my practice since. As a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), I fully comply with the standards required of clinical practice and maintain a record of continuing education. I train annually in resuscitation and attend regular courses for clinical guidance to keep my practice up-to-date and provide my clients with the best foot care.

I am also an active member of our governing body, the College of Podiatry, as well as local and regional committees, which keep me in touch with many other podiatrists and informed of local and national issues, regarding both the NHS and private practice. I also communicate with local GPs and health professionals on a regular basis.

Mine is a general practice where I treat all common foot complaints as well as some less common. I am able to assess, diagnose, treat and manage conditions of the foot and lower limb. My aim is to improve mobility and promote fit, active pain free feet.

Painful feet can be the result of age or injury. It can effect walking and balance and limit sport or social activities. Problems with arthritis, diabetes and circulation problems can effect mobility and healing so benefit from careful foot care and advice.

Many of my clients attend regularly as they are unable to look after their own feet. Others may only need occasional visits. Although most of my patients are older I also treat younger people with sports injuries, foot pain or more complicated toenail problems.

See list of common foot complaints I cover.

I have a special interest in manipulation, massage, and mobilisation of the foot. Very often foot pain can be related to joint or bone malalignment. I can assess the foot and leg and apply therapeutic techniques to improve motion and treat pain. This can be combined with acupuncture/dry needling and stretching and strengthening exercises where appropriate.

The massage and mobilisation can also be used as a relaxation treatment. I offer a reflex therapy massage which is usually an hour treatment. I use a range of pressure techniques that I have gathered from reflexology training, acupressure and many years of handling people’s feet. It is a very relaxing treatment and helps people with sleep problems, digestive and anxiety issues.